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Architchen studio was founded in Taiwan at the end of 2015 by RenJie Huang and HanYuan Tsao. Which who are enthusiastic in new technology and making. Our intention is looking for the esthetic of mathematical physics in computational scripting and transform into the real world by using digital fabrication tools such as 3d print, CNC milling, robotic arm, etc.

With the development of technology which has gradually invaded into architecture design from the past twenty years, the computer aid design have been the trend of the world to recently scripting or “parametric” design become the avant-guard of the architecture design style, specially in school. After both of RenJie and HanYuan finish their master they decided to start push their best idea into the production line. There are several reasons for Architchen to be the pioneer in Taiwan, the first is due to not much person doing the digital fabrication, so lots of great ideas or design are still in schools. Another is here we have the best processing industry in the world and variety of computational related hardware can integrate into parametric design process. With the huge potential in Taiwan we believe here would be the best place to create our design in fast pace with best quality to compete in the world.

In terms of the location where we based, we decide to start finding the best material from the local. The ceramic, Which is one of the famous Taiwan industry in the world. We study different typology of traditional decoration in this field and combine with the new technology to create our own methodology. Different from the making process in the past, we are able to process the quantity which hand making cannot make also the individual difference which cannot made by moulding. In this way, our design and products can be view in three dimensions and also very dynamic.




RenJie Huang | 黃仁杰

March, Royal College of Art, London
BA, Tankang University, Taipei

RenJie Huang graduated from the Royal College of Art. Specialized in machinery and computational design. Not only the co-founder but also the designer and engineer in Architchen.

HanYuan Tsao | 曹瀚元

M.Sc in Architecture, Taubman College Architecture and urban planning, University of Michigan
BA, Tankang University, Taipei

HanYuan Tsao received a M.Sc of Science in Architecture with concentrations in Digital Technologies at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan. He is highly interesting in material research, parametric design and digital fabrication.


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3F., No.288, Minsheng W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.)