Flexible Parametric Design

Parametric design is a relatively new approach to design, providing designers with a powerful tool for creating complex and unique forms. The advantage of parametric software is that it can easily handle enormous amounts of data and iterative actions.

Customized Service

Architchen offers its clients a completely customized service. Clients can request custom tile size, form, pattern and color. The parametric design tools we use allow us to easily adjust a huge number of parameters, meaning we can consistently provide clients with exactly what they had in mind.

Innovative & Unique 3D Printing

One of the main advantages of additive manufacturing (AM) is that it omits the need for producing expensive and time-consuming molds for each design. This means that, unlike traditional manufacturing, AM allows complex and unique designs to be produced at a fraction of the cost and time.

About Us


Architchen is a design studio that comes across on parametric design and digital fabrication. We engage with various technologies and materials as the foundation of our practice.

Architchen mainly focuses on ceramic 3D printing, the possibilities of this discipline still remain underrating, as an emerging design studio, we apply the new technologies and the material that have been charted for thousand years, to create a new form of tiles that unable to make by hand or mold. The advantages of 3d printing also bring the trend of customization that can bring the customers a unique experience.

We will remain unsatisfied and keep challenging any form of design in the future, because we simply believe design can change the world.

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